Master Eventos y Producciones offers audio, DJs, ambient lighting, structural lighting, robotic lighting, wooden dance floors, LED dancefloors, fireworks, DJ booths, microphones and more.


Perfect Lighting


Did you know that lighting is one of the most important factors and fewer companies are taken into account when organizing an event?


Lighting is one that creates feelings, perceptions and emotions event.



It is a factor that implies much subjectivity as it directly affects the unconscious. Depending on how it is illuminated space, printing and impact will be different.

Perfect Music

You should give priority to the quality and differentiation. That have a good sound system, the service is personalized and especially to transmit safety and professionalism.


Nothing guarantees more success into a celebration than a good music selection. The music must be chosen according to many factors ranging from the number of guests, the size of the room, to the taste of the family and celebrated itself.



Dance Floors

The human being is born with a musical rhythmic sense. dancing allows a proper link between the emotions and the body, with the development of language skills.


Promotes singing and sense of belonging.





“Always give to the customer more than what is expecting”. Nelson Boswell.

Master Eventos y Producciones

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